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Arthur Wood and Son Ltd. Bradwell Works, Longport, Stoke-on Trent. Est. 1884. Makers of earthenware.


Arthur Wood zebra ware (1957)

These scarce pieces carry the globe backstamp, and the pattern number 4112 (for zebra stripe). They are prone to crazing on the white areas and often have small areas of paint loss. The stripes are handpainted in brown, which is an unusual colour for zebra-stripe pieces (although Kelsboro Ware sometimes has brown underglaze stripes). A vase with a figure-of-eight profile is also seen, and resembles Albert Hallam's shape 1456 for Beswick. A skittle-shaped vase with a fluted foot is also seen as is a handkerchief vase stamped FREEDOM with the number 4175. One pattern variant in this range has a yellow interior, and is decorated with black and white tribal motifs. Another has a stylised dolphin, black on one side of the object, red on the other, on a wavy line pattern with dots. The zebra patterns are illustrated, and dated 1957, on page 36 of McLaren Ceramics of the 1950s. A handkerchief vase in this range has been seen with the zebra stripes painted in gold.

Spelling: Wood, not Woods.


Biomorphic vase
A very unusual and exotic piece of English pottery from the late fifties. Earthenware. The body shape is DUKE (also seen in plain white with a red painted interior). The pattern number 4112 painted to base. Handpainted with brown zebra stripes and shaped like a tree-trunk with pierced limbs. Pieces with a similar shape are occasionally seen from other factories (e.g. Piazza Ware and Bagley glass). Scarce. Value: £15-30


4112 stamped in gilt to base. Body shape is TANGIER. Earthenware. Handpainted with brown zebra stripes; rare. Value: £20-30




Three-footed freeform bowl
With handpainted organic pattern in green and yellow. Earthenware. Rare. Also seen with plain, bright red interior, or with red and black hand painted stars (and the number 4710). Small chip to underside of feet of two legs, some crazing lines around base, underneath. No other damage, crazing or wear to pattern. Value: £15