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Money boxes (c. 1969)

Carlton Ware made a range of money boxes with colourful, psychedelic prints on the side (cat, train, clown, guardsman, Scotsman, Beefeater, girl and boy heads, owl, pirate, pig, horse, old-woman-in-a-shoe, ark, fruit decoration, etc.). They also made bug-eyed animals (bird, snail, frog) with ornate Victorian revival rococo prints (typical of the late sixties and early seventies). Most of the money boxes have no room for an impressed number, but the train money does, and so can be dated to 1969.

Money boxes often have roughness or nibbles round the inside rim of the bung hole where coins have fallen from a height. Since these are out of sight, they are not usually considered a problem. The standing bird money boxes sometimes carry the full Carlton Ware script backstamp near the bung hole. However, since this backstamp is difficult to apply round the hole (see the crumpling of the transfer on the peacock money box, below) it is possible that is was replaced by the simpler 'MADE IN ENGLAND' transfer (see the coloured bird money box, below).

The correct stopper is shown above, and is embossed: MADE IN ENGLAND on the top, and MADE IN ENGLAND REGINA INDUSTRIES on the inside.


Coloured bird money box
With colourful pattern of flowers and feathers. The back is plain. No crazing or cracks. There is a small burst paint bubble on one orange petal, and if you put your finger inside the bung hole there is roughness and unevenness to the inside lip. This may simply be in the manufacturing or possibly caused by falling coins. There is a clear plastic stopper. Backstamp: Made in England. Value: £20-40.


Peacock money box
With a very dark blue transfer print; superb late 60s or early 70s graphic design. Also seen in a multi-coloured version. The back is blank. With a gold Carlton Ware backstamp (slightly crumpled at the end) and a clear plastic stopper embossed MADE IN ENGLAND. Mint condition. Value: £20-40

Pig money box
With floral pattern. Mint condition. Value: £20-40
Train money box
With pattern of numbers, etc. Mint condition. Value: £15-30

Policeman money box
Mint condition. Value: £15-25

Coldstream guard money box
Mint condition. Value: £15-25


Bug-eyed frog money box
This one has a wonderful big froggy mouth, and a Victorian floral pattern that is typical late 1960s or early 1970s. Mint condition, with only dark pencil or utensil marks (but no damage) where soemone has tried to lever the bung out. Plastic stopper embossed MADE IN ENGLAND. Value: £20-50

Bug-eyed frog money box
Couple of flecks of the transfer. Value: £25

Bug-eyed snail money box
Couple of flecks on the transfer. Value: £25

Bug-eyed bird money box
Mint condition, and with stopper. Value: £20-50


Bug-eyed owl money box
Mint condition, with stopper. Value: £30


Ball-shaped salt and peppers (1970)

A range with two hemispherical pots (salt and pepper) fitting together to make a ball. With a very bold graphic design, typical of the late sixties or seventies. Also seen on a browny-orange body. Other designs in the series include a lion, an owl, a stylised elephant with coiled trunk, and a flower. These pieces are backstamped only: MADE IN ENGLAND. However, a contact who has seen a trade catalogue from Carlton Ware of this period has kindly emailed to say that these are indeed by Carlton Ware.




Fish cruet
Mint condition.
Value: £20-40.



Cat cruet
Mint apart from a pin head loss of black paint near the top of each pattern (see detail, right). Value: £20-40, but an orange pair in the same pattern sold for only £6, so the price is volatile.

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