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The following information was kindly provided by Stuart of Gouda Design.

Flora was started in 1945 by Mr F. Eikenboom and his two sons. Eikenboom had previously worked for PZH and Goedewaagen. At his new company of Flora, Eikenboom was much involved in the production and he did some designs himself as well as decorating. In the 1960's his two sons took over the factory when his health was poor. In 1969 the sons started a new company called Modica. The Flora factory declined in the 1970's. In 1980 the production was transferred to the town of Hardenberg. In 1985 it tried to regain itself by setting on the freelance designer Floris Meydam. In 1989 the new owners, Royal Goedewaagen closed the Hardenberg factory and all the contents were moved to Goedewaagen's Nieuw Buinen base. The actual Flora production line was closed in 1999.