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The rarity bars on this website are determined by calculating how many times a particular range or individual item is listed on eBay. When the bar is in the grey are of the series, it indicates how frequently all pieces in that range come up. When it is placed next to an individual item, of course, it refers to how frequent that one piece is:



EXAMPLE: this range as a whole is abundant


(Photo here)

EXAMPLE: this individual piece is very rare




ABOVE. Listings per month of selected ceramic ranges (calculated from the average of 3 samples of a month each in 2006).




c. 200 or more eBay listings per month

Examples: Midwinter Stonehenge; Poole Delphis; Hornsea heirloom; Hornsea contrast; Denby Arabesque
eBay is so flooded with these mega-selling ranges that you will find it hard to keep up. They were made — and have survived — in vast quantities. Very popular with the public, these pieces often remained in production for many years. Some of these very ranges were manufactured to a high standard (e.g. Hornsea contrast), and are fairly neutral in their styling. For this reason, they have not gone out of fashion, and so have remained in daily use in homes rather than being thrown away. These pieces are so common that, within a year, you could easily build a huge and comprehensive collection in mint condition. If you are not careful, you could fill every inch of space in your home! Typically, these are tableware ranges.




c. 70 eBay listings per month
Examples: Ridgway homemaker; Midwinter Sienna; J & G Meakin poppy

There is always a good selection of these pieces on eBay at any one time. These ranges were produced in large numbers, but have not survived in quite such abundance as those in the 'very common' range, either because they were not such big sellers; or because the passage of many decades has reduced their numbers; or, as with the mega-selling Ridgway Homemaker range, they had strong styling and design which went out of fashion in later years, resulting in their being thrown away. However, these pieces are sufficiently common that, within a year, you could build a large collection in mint condition, although you might have to wait a bit longer to get all the pieces you want. You could fill several display cases with this stuff. Typically, these are tableware ranges.




c. 10 - 30 eBay listings per month
Examples: Midwinter Zambesi; Whitefriars drunken bricklayer series

These ranges were popular in their time, and some, like Midwinter's Zambesi and Cannes were best-sellers. However, very many have been broken or got thrown away over the years. Today, you could build a good collection of these pieces in mint condition within a year, but there would be plenty of gaps left to fill. You would easily fill a display case with the collection in this time.




c. 1 - 5 eBay listings per month
Examples: Poole Atlantis; Beswick CM series; Hornsea ebony or tricorn; Alfred Meakin midnight star

Within a year, you could probably fill a couple of shelves with pieces in mint condition, but expect to wait several years before you could call your collection comprehensive.



Very Rare

c. 1 or fewer eBay listings per YEAR
Examples: Beswick Moda

These pieces come on the market so seldom that it would take you many years to fill a couple of shelves in a display case.