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Sienna pattern by Jessie Tait (manufactured 1962-1978)

On the fine shape. This range was very popular and is still abundant.


Cup and saucer
Value: £2-5


Pie funnel



These are common, and often show browning, grease-stains or chips around the base from use. Beware unmarked clones or imports (often from Portugal). Note the handpainted brown-orange 'feet', and the corresponding painter's blob next to the backstamp. Newport pottery made a practically identical model (809138) that is more collectable that the Midwinter one. It was possibly designed by Clarice Cliff during her time at Newport. TG Green also made a similar one. Value: £5-15


Fishing boat designed by Charles Cobelle (b. 1902 d. 1994)

Cobelle was French, but emigrated to the USA before the Second World War.


Cup and saucer
Mint condition, but the transfer was poorly applied in a blue patch of the sky area. Value: £5-10


Midwinter starlight by Jessie Tait (c. 1950s)

With gilded stars or snowflakes, like Alfred Meakin's midnight star range, and has a red or blue band. Also seen with a turquoise ground.


On the rather clunky stylecraft shape from 1953 onwards; appears intermittently on the market. Value: £25


Pastel Salad Ware

These Hors-d'œuvre dishes originally came in a set of 3 pastel colours (pink, blue and yellow) on a matt-black wire stand with handle. From a Terence Conran design of 1955, remodelled in pastel in 1960

Spelling: the 2-word "Salad Ware" name is used on Midwinter backstamps and promotional literature.




Hors-d'œuvre dishes
Set of three in yellow, pink and blue. With Salad Ware backstamp and impressed number 263 (for the Hors-d'œuvre dish in the fancy body shape). Each of the three colours has a different design (see below). Value: £40-80 (each).


Fancy dishes

Like Monaco, but with grey 'chopsticks' mixed with the black. Backstamp reads: Hand Painted Produced for Artkrafts Ltd, with the date code for 1959. Value: £25
Signed on the back Rowena. Mint condition. Value: £25


Miscellaneous hollow-ware

Look at eBay, and you will see that people are buying plain Midwinter jugs and sugar bowls. My guess is that not all of these buyers are replacing gaps in a coffee set; some are buying them for the shape and colour alone. Dark green or dark brown hollow-ware doesn't sell.


Whispering grass sugar bowl (1960)
In this range, lilac was for the UK market. For some reason, whispering grass hollow-ware is selling for rather high prices. Maybe because the colour is so pleasant? Very faint MIDWINTER ENGLAND blue stamp. Pristine condition. Value: £20-30
Dark creamy-caramel colour jug (1967)
Two pinpricks to the glaze on the rim near the spout. Value: £2-4

Pink Jug and bowl (1962)
Pink 'Fashion' hollow-ware is seen with Marguerite (1958), Pink Harebells and Daisy Dell. Both of these pieces is in mint condition. Value: £5-20 (pair)

Turquoise egg cups
Bad purchase: only one is marked Midwinter, and one has a glaze skip near the rim, leaving a pale area. Value: £5-10 (pair)

Midwinter pages 1 2 3 4 5