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Sunglow (1968)

This attractive Jessie Tait design has Mary Quant-like floral elements, with matching green lids. The range is scarce, and often crazed.


Underglaze flaw to lip of spout, but no crazing. Value: £3-6
With green lid. Mint condition. Value: £3-6
Egg cup
Value: £1-2


April Flowers (Jessie Tait, 1967)

On the MQ2 shape, designed by David Queensberry and Roy Midwinter, 1966


Cream or milk jug
Mint condition. Value: £2.50


Jasmine (1968-74)

Scarce Jessie Tait design, with abstract, colourful flowery motifs typical of the late sixties and early seventies.


Jug and Bowl
Mint condition except for underglaze pinprick on lower rim of bowl. Value: £7-14 (pair)


Roselle (1960s)

Best-selling Eve Midwinter design for several years. Very common. Midwinter Pottery (Jenkins) dates this design to 1968 whereas 20th Century Ceramic Designers in Britain (Casey) dates it to 1963.


Large Jug
Mint condition. Value: £3-7


Pussy Willow (1953-73)

Common. The stubby flowers of pussy willow should not be confused with the long, pendulous ones in the catkins design, also from Midwinter.


Dated 1963 on backstamp. In the Fashion body shape. A gift from Sue.
Dated 1961 on backstamp. In the Stylecraft body shape. A gift from Sue.
Undated and stamped only ENGLAND. In the Stylecraft body shape. A gift from Sue.


Midwinter Savanna

Designed by Jessie Tait (1956)


Server with chromed handle. Mint condition except the rubber ring that retains the handle underneath is hardened. Value: £5-15
Midwinter pages 1 2 3 4 5