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"Tribal" patterns, if that's a politically correct term, were very popular in the mid to late fifties. See Style Finder for more on animal print patterns. Barker Bros produced a Zambesi range with shield-like motifs instead of zebra-stripes, and a tribal-sounding Mazambi range with floral motifs and wavy stripes. Zambesi prices rose dramatically over the last 10 years, but there is some evidence at the time of writing (01/2004) that prices are falling back slightly. Here is a comment (2003) from someone who recently sold some Zambesi on eBay for a 3-figure sum:

I paid ?40 for a complete coffee set at Alfies Antique market in about 1982 and sold it last year for close on ?500:). My wife insisted that if it wasn't displayed I should get rid of it, the worse thing she ever did, as I've got the bug big time now!!! The prices seem to have dropped lately. I had a lot of fifties furniture and fabric at the time and black, white, red and yellow were the dominant colours and that's what I stuck to when collecting ceramics, I had a lot of Beswick and other Zebrette but thats all gone. I only wish I'd bought and kept all the other Midwinter that was around 'cheap as chips', saladware was everywhere and I hated it at the time:(