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Bull's-eye (early 1970s)

This range included what I assume were candleholders and vases, either with straight sides as below, or with a bulbous middle-body and pinched-in top and bottom. Colourways include plain white; red body with black bull's-eye ring; or white body with bull's-eye consisting of 3 blue concentric rings (2 pale and 1 dark).


Single bull's eye
Small vase or candleholder. The pattern is repeated front and back, and the sides are plain red. Mint condition. Value: £10-20

Probably early 1970s because the same body shape was used for a commemorative of the 1972 Olympic Games.

Double bull's-eye
Tall vase or candleholder, with two bull's-eyes stacked vertically like a loudspeaker. Mint condition apart from a couple of minute patches of wear on the red on the side body. Value: £20-30